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about us


Our online shop was created out of love for detail and creativity. This feeling of creating something and the need to pass it on is our most important element in our daily work.

No path is too difficult or too far for us to offer our customers something special of the highest quality and sustainability.

What can be more important than taking care of yourself and those around you.

Enjoy contemplative and relaxed moments, gifts that bring joy, rituals that convey security and security. We would like to share all of this with you.

With us you will find everything that radiates beauty and comfort.


A little true story...

The story of the English Soap Company began in 2000 when founders Bob & Juliet discovered a number of old soap molds lying unused in a machine shop in Kent.

Inspired by their discovery, Bob & Juliet spent many years perfecting the art of soap making and perfumery to create the perfect soap. A soap bar with a smooth and silky texture that moisturizes the skin and above all enriches it with a luxurious designer perfume that lasts until the end of the bar.

As the business grew, Bob & Juliet moved their soap business from their kitchen to a local farm in rural Sussex. From here the business grew day by day as the demand for their soaps increased.

The English Soap Company still make all of their products on their farm in the heart of the English countryside in beautiful Waldron, East Sussex.

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